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Welcome to Project Extropia.

I created this website in an attempt to build a framework for a capitalist republic. It is my belief that democracy is a dead-end and that the only solution to this problem is a micronation outside democracy’s reach. Because micronation models attempted so far have not been successful, it is up to us to design one that is truly functional and to set the foundation for an enduring capitalist civilization.

The main sections of this site describe what is wrong with our current establishment, what must be fixed and how to fix it. Specifically:

  • The Problem we face, which is democracy destroying capitalism and enforcing an egalitarian society.
  • The Solution to this problem, which is to build a society based on principles that are compatible with capitalism.
  • The Project, which is a community-driven research on how these principles can be applied in the real world.

I am currently in the process of writing the main content for this site and working out the technical challenges that go with it. Once the core sections are ready and I get the community started, I will begin adding collateral articles here from time to time.

For communication other than the wiki-based research, I will try to rely on social media for now. The Facebook community seems the best candidate for this purpose, so you might want to give it a try. This is my first attempt at building a website and I also have a job and a life, so for now, updates will be available on a “when it’s done” basis.


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